Whitco Window Winder with Chain

Is your Whitco Window Winder in need of repair? Lock Repair Doctor Perth can help!

The Whitco window winder and lock is popular amongst Whitco model windows. With wear and tear the winder and lock mechanism can fail.

Is your Whitco Window Winder stuck?

Stop. Before you damage it further, consult the experts.

Because of their moving parts, winder mechanisms can require some maintenance and repair from time to time.

This depends on how much they are used, exposure to the elements, and other factors including the general condition and age of the property.

We are experienced in repairing broken winders and other opening mechanisms on a range of Whitco windows and locks.

  • We will come to you, at a pre-arranged and agreed time
  • We will work to time
  • We will clean up after ourselves and,
  • We will work to our specified quote (unless otherwise agreed).

We have more than 35 years of experience in this field and so we are confident – whatever your issue – we can have it back to as-new very quickly!

Lock Repair Doctor Perth service all of the greater Perth region. We will come to your property and fix your problem quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!