Lock Repairs Doctor Covid-19 Management Plan

Our COVID-19 safety plan protects both our staff and customers

On-site transmission-based precautions include:

  • Staff training in the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) – correct use of face masks and face shields and safe disposal.
  • Payment involves contactless payment on site (credit and visa debit cards only) no handling of cash.
  • Hand hygiene – Our staff are provided with hand sanitiser and clean all areas of the door or window worked on in question with a high-grade commercial cleaner, prior to leaving the site.
  • Social distancing – we ask customers to please remain in a separate room until such time as payment is required, tapping of credit card for payment will be done outside, keeping a safe distance.
  • Cleanliness and regular cleaning of our office premises is maintained at all times.

Each staff member has their own van and tools, should these need to be shared they are disinfected in line with infection control procedures.

Management fully vaccinated including boosters against COVID-19. We can supply fully-vaccinated service personnel on request.