Does Your Sliding Door Not Lock or Your Handle Stick?

Lock Repairs Doctor specialises in making your sliding door or sliding window handles and locks work like new again.

With usage and the passage of time, it is normal for even the best of products to degrade in performance.

Lock Repairs Doctor uses original parts ensuring a high quality to all our repairs.

If it can’t be repaired? No problem. We can replace the parts that need replacing, even if the product is no longer being manufactured (which is common!).

Problems with a glass sliding door’s lock and handle can make it difficult (or impossible) to use and it can jeopardise security. Some common issues you may encounter:

Lock not engaging: This could be due to a misalignment between the door and the frame, a faulty latch, or worn-out components within the lock.

Difficulty turning the handle: could be due to rust, dirt buildup, or internal component failure.

Lock not remaining engaged: Possible causes include a loose strike plate, worn-out springs, or a broken lock cylinder.

Loose handle: This could be due to loose screws or worn-out components in the handle mechanism.

The handle does not operate the lock: This might happen if the connection between the handle and the lock is broken or malfunctioning.

Broken handle: could be due to age, wear and tear, or excessive force used.

Misaligned door: The lock and handle may not function properly if the door is misaligned within the frame.

Remember: It’s crucial to realise that performing DIY fixes without the necessary skills or experience may exacerbate the problem.

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