Jason Lever Lock MKI

Lock Repair Doctor Perth are experts at repairing Jason Lever Lock Mk1 door locks.

The first generation Jason Windows Lever Lock handles have been in circulation for a number of years and over this time the handles have failed in many instances. If you need help repairing your handles or the locks, Lock Repair Doctor Perth are here to help.

Wherever you are in the Perth metro area, we can come and repair or fix the problem. Contact us today for a quote.

Do you have a Jason Windows Sliding Door Lock Problem

Jason Windows Sliding Door Handle Replacement or Repair

Jason Windows are a trusted Australian manufacturer of glass sliding doors. They have various handles and locks specifically designed for their sliding doors. The lever lock system and handle is one of the most popular.

The Jason windows door handles with lever system:

Lever Lock Handle: This is a common type with a handle that moves up and down to engage the locking mechanism. We offer replacement and repair for these to have them working as new!

Lever Lock System: This is a common locking system for Jason sliding doors. It integrates with the lever handle and it often installed as a complete unit with the handle.

If you’re unsure about the exact type of Jason windows sliding door lever lock or handle you have, contacting the team at Lock Repairs Doctor Perth to help!

Due to the locking system, we recommend you call out an authorised lock repairer such as Lock Repair Doctor Perth. This will ensure the function of your door is safe and secure.

Contact our team for your Jason Windows sliding door handles & lock repair/replacement today!