Dowell Window Locks

Does your Dowell Window Lock need attention? Lock Repair Doctor Perth can help!

We find Dowell Windows installed in many properties in Perth and across WA. What happens when the window lock mechanism fails?

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Dowell Window Locks

Dowell window locks are locks that are installed on windows made by Dowell Windows, a company that specializes in manufacturing windows and doors. Dowell window locks are designed to provide security by preventing unauthorized access through the windows. These locks come in different types, including key locks, sliding locks, patio door locks and latch locks.

Key locks are the most secure type of Dowell window lock and require a key to unlock and lock the window. Sliding locks are a type of Dowell window lock that slides along the window frame and locks the window in place. Latch locks, on the other hand, are simple locks that latch onto the window frame to prevent it from opening.

Characteristics of Dowell Window Locks

Dowell window locks are often made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, which makes them durable and resistant to corrosion. They are also easy to install and operate, and they can be used on different types of windows, including sliding, awning, and casement windows.

How We Can Help

The custom locking systems on these models can fail with time and wear and tear. It is important if this happens to attend to it, so that your home is not exposed and insecure.

Rather than replace the entire window structure, get the experts to look at how we can fix or repair the problem for you.

The Lock Repair Doctor can come to your home all over Perth & beyond to quickly and efficiently fix the problem. Contact us today!